Unique Kevin Facts

Learned to edit films when they were physically spliced and taped.

Snuck onto an island in Ireland to get married.

Believes life without pizza is no life at all.

Actually led ISES for a year. (read that carefully)

Came very close to entering the FBI.

Is related to one of the few words that rhymes with orange.

Executive roundtable in Hong Kong

Executive roundtable in Hong Kong


Thinker, business owner, creative mind, innovation fanatic.

Kevin White is the head of the Boston-based experiential event agency XPL.  He has been working with corporations on their teams’ development for more than twenty years.  As veterans of the corporate event and meetings industries, Kevin and his team of experiential producers have helped organizations to develop strategies for their target audiences, assess communication plans to deliver their messaging and then implement development exercises that engage, strengthen and energize groups.

Whether it is a day-long strategic brainstorming, an afternoon of team bonding or weeks of analysis on team dynamics, Kevin’s approach with a client is always simple: clarify the outcome, understand the audience, develop the plan, execute confidently.  He has done this for key industry sectors such as technology, pharmaceutical, finance, marketing, experiential design and associations.

A lifetime of designing corporate experiences has given Kevin an insight most presenters/facilitators don't have: what truly does or doesn't work with a particular audience.  He has been on “both sides of the podium” and has taken his talents of designing unique experiences and brought them to life as a presenter.

Kevin's "Performance Map"

 New York     Chicago     Los Angeles     Hong Kong     London     Istanbul    Turkmenistan     Sochi      Edinburgh     Bahamas    Vancouver   Calgary     Toronto    Sao Paulo   Denver     San Francisco    San Diego     Miami     Orlando      Tampa     Raleigh      Washington DC     Boston   Providence    Seattle   Las Vegas     Dallas   Houston    Austin    Philadelphia    Atlantic City     Baltimore     Louisville     Detroit    Indianapolis