It takes a deft hand to guide and command great thinking.  The best thinking output comes from the Structured Chaos meeting model.  
Board Role Playing

Board Role Playing


"One of the, if not the, most compelling [workshops] in E.School."  A.A. - IBM


Your people have great ideas.  They see things from different perspectives.  A diverse collection of experience and backgrounds in a group always leads to better results in thought and performance.  But too many times, the process of extracting that knowledge and experience gets in the way.  Personalities.  Politics.  Structure.  Agenda.  You know how it goes.

Sometimes the secret to having powerful, breakthrough meetings is having the right person leading the process.  A talented facilitator can mean the difference between time simply spent and time incredibly well spent.

Throughout his decades-long career, Kevin has both designed and been privy to countless corporate and organizational meetings where the group could not afford to simply "get together."  Clear, concise results were necessary.  Knowing how to make the most of time together is Kevin's specialty.

If you are ready for breakthrough experiences for your company, your conference, your stakeholders, get in touch.