"Retreat" is quite the misnomer, considering a team should forge ahead after conducting one.

Escaping the urgent to focus on the important.  That is the essence of a group retreat.  In a world whose speed is ever increasing, days out of the office have to be well planned for them to be worthwhile.  

Global Thought Leadership Retreat

Global Thought Leadership Retreat

A great retreat has many parts - logistical planning, goal setting, agenda structuring, facilitation and of course, follow through.  The entire experience and the environment that it is embedded need to be flawless.  This is where Kevin's expertise comes in.  With a network of developmental experts who focus on topics such as organizational efficiency, communication techniques, mission building, team bonding and other team-shifting concepts, he is able to custom craft an amazing experience for team members, whether it's just down the road or on the other side of the globe.

"Kevin, more than any planner I have worked with, truly understands and speaks the language of mission, values and learning.  He really gets the special blend of content, location and atmosphere that we need for the executive retreat to be fully effective."   -  E.M.,  Dillon Marcus Executive Retreats