"Everything in moderation.  Including moderation." - Oscar Wilde
"Kevin brings keen insights and knowledge to every session he delivers or moderates.  Top notch skills are what you can expect when he is a part of your program."   -  R.A.,  BizBash

You have to understand what an audience wants - live or online - in order to expertly moderate.  Having scripted CEOs,  presidents, deans and even children , Kevin is keenly aware of what authentic messaging and moments are, and how an audience can turn if moments feel the opposite. Asking the right questions of the right personalities often leads to some of the most profound, emotional or insightful moments, so it's Kevin's exhaustive preparation that allows him to excel at content during a live session.

But it's the reading of an audience and a guest presenter that truly makes the difference in an experience.  Kevin's ability to simultaneously feel the energy of an audience and the presenter allows him to pivot as needed to create the perfect blend of moments on stage.  His unique global experience allows him to chat with almost anyone in any setting on any topic and have it be a genuine conversation.  And his personality is enough to fill a room.  Energetic, thoughtful, humorous, genuine: all hallmarks of Kevin's moderation style.