Improve Meeting Effectiveness


Get to where you need to be more effectively, more efficiently.  

It's considered a necessary evil in daily organizational life.  The meeting.  Be it a board, a task force, a team, an entire company.  It takes a unique discipline to run an hours-long or days-long meeting.  It is often hard to both run AND be involved in these meetings.  A lot of times, politics or hierarchy or even standard internal conflict can derail meetings and leave you worse off for the time spent.

You can reach solid meeting performance, however, with a variety of proven techniques.  Through moderated agendas.  Via proactive facilitation.  With group empowerment, shared rules of the road, focused goals.   Designing and implementing a strategic meeting plan can mean the difference between organizational buy in and organizational resentment.    As a veteran of hundreds of internal and external meetings, large and small, Kevin has led a tremendous number of organizations to breakthrough moments simply by tweaking one thing: how they meet.

Is it time for your breakthrough moment?

Tech Team Huddle

Tech Team Huddle