A great presentation is a masterful blend of emotional resonance, powerful storytelling and audience relevance.

Just before going on stage once, Kevin was asked by a novice presenter, "How many times do you practice your presentation to make sure you say everything?"  His response was, "Never.  It should come from your heart, from a passion you have.  You never have to memorize your passions.  You know them instinctively."  Kevin's passions fall between two very different worlds - science and creativity.  He has a lust for learning and he has a non-stop drive to create.  This dichotomy of passions makes for an amazing presentation.

Full of ready to use information, strong factual basis, thought provoking premises and surrounded by humor and energy, Kevin's keynotes are often seen as a developmental highlight in whichever conference they are delivered.  His topics often start as bespoke requests by clients and soon mushroom into long term projects.


"Worth the trip and cost of the conference just to attend this session!  What a dynamic speaker"


"Among a group of extraordinary speakers, Kevin stands out."


"This is the second time I have heard his talk and I still got something new out of it."


Presentation topics have included:

Developing a Culture of Innovation

A look at why some organizations thrive at innovative output while others fail.

Creative Problem Solving           

Embracing techniques that allow your organization to find creative solutions to your toughest problems.

Using Psychology to Drive Event Design

How science - specifically psychology - can be leveraged to make live experiences more impactful.

Bringing Creative Vision to Life

A breakdown of best practices on how to best elicit a client's vision and to then fully produce it.




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